Yacht Charter Malta: An easy and affordable way to go sailing in Malta!

Yacht Charter Malta …. a mesmerizing way to see the Maltese Islands!

If you’re one of those people who think that chartering a yacht or boat in Malta is for the rich and famous, think again!

With the host of yacht chartering companies in Malta that exist, nowadays chartering a yacht is not as expensive as you might think.

yacht charter malta birgu

The fortified medieval city of Birgu has one of the most beautiful yacht marinas on the Maltese Islands!

Yacht Charter Malta: Why go sailing in Malta?

Your sailing adventure may very well end up being the most talked about experience from your Malta holidays.

There’s something really special about hopping on a yacht, listening to the sound of the winds on the sails, admiring the scenery and taking a dip into secluded bays and beaches.

Sailing gives you freedom and total relaxation from the daily grind. You will also probably notice that the whole experience will enhance that special bond that you have with your family or friends.

It is said that few other activities have the ability to create such an emotional connection, not to mention endless recollections of the whole experience!

Yacht Charter Malta: Planning your sailing adventure

yacht chartering in malta

There are essentially three ways that you can charter a yacht in Malta.

1) If you have sailing and yachting skills, you can charter a bareboat without a skipper or crew.

With this arrangement, you are responsible for everything once you set sail.

This type of package is ideal if you’ve got extensive sailing experience.

Just think, it’ll be just you and your guests and the sea …. Awesome!

2) The second way is to charter a yacht with a skipper or crew. If you’re looking for a totally relaxed and stress-free sailing adventure, then this is for you.

You can choose from a variety of vessels and the skipper or crew will navigate and sail, while you and your guests enjoy the scenery, relax and sunbathe on deck, take a dip or sample the food … Heaven on earth!

3) Finally, you can also book yourself a yachting cruise.

These types of cruises are the cheapest way to experience a little bit of sailing and also visit secluded bays and coves around the Maltese islands.

A very popular destination of such cruises is the Blue Lagoon on Comino island.

yacht charter malta gozo

Usually you will have enough time to spend the whole afternoon swimming in this breathtakingly beautiful lagoon. Snacks and a full buffet lunch are also usually included in the price.

With these cruises you will be sharing the vessel with other guests.

Bareboat and Skippered Charter Malta: Safety Tips

yacht charter malta gozo

At some point before you set sail, the yacht chartering company that you’re using will no doubt go through the major safety precaution rules with you and your guests.

However it doesn’t hurt to outline some yachting safety tips here as well …

1) You and your guests should do several tours of the whole yacht. This is to ensure that if an emergency occurs, everyone on board knows exactly where things are.

Doing this tour of the yacht will also make you aware of potential safety hazards.

2) Make sure that everyone (including small kids) knows where the safety and emergency equipment is located.

3) It is very important that you know how to use the safety equipment if you should need it.

Safety equipment will include rafts, life jackets, first-aid kits, flares, signaling devices, etc.

4) Everyone should know exactly where you’re going, the route that you will be taking and all the places that you’ll be visiting.

5) Be familiar and have the contact details handy of the local authorities that you can contact in case of need.

6) Everyone on board should know who to contact for help and how to reach these persons.

We hope that you found our Yacht Charter Malta page helpful ... Happy Sailing!

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