Xlendi Gozo

A must visit if you’re heading to Gozo for a day and a good base if you’re staying longer

The beautiful fishing village of Xlendi lies in the south west of the magical island of Gozo. The village neighbours with Munxar, Fontana and the village of Kercem.

xlendi gozo

Nowadays this small village is a popular seaside resort on the island. So naturally, you’ll find a host of hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, ice-cream parlours and whatever one expects from a seaside resort. However, the place has somehow managed to retain its village aura and charm!

Here you’ll also find various affordably priced holiday flats and apartments - perfect if you’re on a tight budget.

Just a few minutes away from the bay is the most visited nightclub on Gozo Island, namely La Grotta discotheque.

Highly popular during the summer months, this nightclub is well frequented by Gozitans, Maltese people who go to Gozo for the weekend and also tourists. The club has many bars, an outdoor dance floor and also bars and dance floors in a huge cave! Definitely something different!

What else is there to see in Xlendi?

- The tower

In the old days, the tower’s main role was to guard the bay from pirates and Turks. It was built in 1650. The tower also had an important role during the British period in Malta.

- Old chapels

The most prominent one is dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel and some parts of it are said to date back to 1868. The village feast is held on the first Sunday of September.

Something truly unique to this village is the tradition that on festa day, some exciting water games are held in the bay. The most popular one being the “gostra”. This game consists of a pole which is greased all round. Participants in the game attempt to walk on the pole (without falling) to grab the flag that is attached at the top.

- Scenery and views

When walking and exploring this wonderful village, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see on the island … steep cliffs, valleys, a bridge from the Knights of Malta period, crystal clear blue waters and much more!

- Gorgeous caves

Explore the caves that are located on the sides of Xlendi bay - perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling!

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Xlendi and nearby.


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