Work Malta: Advice on Employment in Malta for foreigners

Our Work Malta page provides a brief overview of the main conditions of employment in Malta, as well as other information and advice on working in Malta.

Temporary Work Malta: EU Citizens

EU nationals can work in Malta for a period of 3 months without having to apply for a work permit. After those initial three months, EU citizens must apply for a permit.

Work Malta: General Conditions

Generally speaking, the average working hours per week is 40 hours. Starting time varies, but often you will start work at around 8.00/8.30am and finish at 5.00/5.30pm.

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As you may expect, salaries vary tremendously depending on the organization which is employing you. But as a general guideline, salaries in Malta are lower than in the UK, Germany and France for example.

To get an idea of how Malta compares with the rest of Europe, as regards to MONTHLY minimum wages, visit the FEDEE website here.

You must be at least 16 years old to be able to work in Malta and tax rates are between 15% and 35%.

Employment contracts vary, but the most common are full time contracts. Usually these are for an indefinite period.

An uncertain world economy and other local economy issues have led to an increase in employers offering fixed term contracts. This means that your contract of employment will be for 2 years for example. The employer will then have to renew your contract in order for you to keep your job.

Employment of temporary or part time staff has also increased over the past decade. In summer, the tourism and hospitality industry employs a huge number of temporary and part time staff to keep up with the rise in demand for their products and services.

When you first commence employment you are usually put on a probationary (trial) period. This is usually for 6 months.

Malta Work Permits and Licences

Foreigners seeking jobs in Malta, must apply for a work permit, even if they come from an EU country.

An employment permit is given on a temporary basis. This means that your permit will probably have to be renewed on a yearly basis.

A permit is only issued if your prospective employer can prove that he or she could not find any Maltese nationals that were suitable for the job.

In order to be able to apply for a work permit, you must first have a job offer from a local employer. You must apply for the permit at least 3 months before you start working in Malta. A residence permit is automatically granted to you (and your spouse, if applicable) as soon as your work permit application is approved.

Your work permit will be issued by the Director of Labour and you’ll need the following documents to apply:

- A valid passport

- A certificate of good conduct

- A letter from your prospective employer with all the relevant job details

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