Whats On in Malta in December 2011

Our Whats On in Malta in December page details some of the most popular events which will be held on the Maltese Islands in December 2011.

If you’re coming over to Malta in December, it won’t be beach weather during that time. However, you can still get some sunny days and it won’t be too cold either.

When it's very windy, the temperature might feel much colder than it actually is though.

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Whats On in Malta in December 2011

Feast of the Immaculate Conception - 8th of December 2011

This is an important feast in the Maltese Festas Calendar, since it is the last one which is celebrated.

The majority of religious feasts in Malta and Gozo are held during July and August, so this feast is much sought after since it’s the only one which is celebrated during the month of December and also after a period of relatively feast-free months.

The village festa is the main yearly event of all villages and towns in Malta and Gozo and preparations start months before the actual date.

The Immaculate Conception feast is celebrated in Cospicua and L-Ibragg in Malta and in Victoria and Qala in Gozo.

The one held in Cospicua is the most popular.

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Christmas in Malta 2011

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