Whats On in Malta in August 2011

Our Whats On in Malta in August page details some of the most popular events which will be held on the Maltese Islands in August 2011.

If you’re visiting Malta in August, then there’s a good chance that you want to explore the fantastic beaches in Malta.

In fact, most visitors who come to Malta in August comment that the Maltese summer heat doesn’t really motivate you to do anything else but lay on the beach and enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Maltese islands :)

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Whats On in Malta in August 2011

Cultural Events and Festivals in Malta are greatly reduced during the month of August. This is mainly because of the hot weather.

The Village Festa

If you’re coming to Malta in August, then you have an abundant choice of festas which you can go to. The village festa is an integral part of Maltese culture and is the most prominent yearly event in any Maltese village or town.

For more information on the Maltese festa, visit our Malta Culture: Village Festa page.

Nightlife and Parties

The Nightlife in Malta and Gozo in August is at its peak, with plenty of outdoor parties and activities.

Whether you like clubbing, going to exclusive restaurants or simply relax at a charming wine bar, you can rest assured that you will find just the perfect venue where you can have a great time.

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