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Getting married in Malta: Legal Requirements

Our Weddings Malta section focuses on the legal requirements and documents which you will need if you’re a foreigner and you’re thinking of getting married in Malta.

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Most of the requirements needed are practically the same as with your own country.

All documents must be sent to the Marriage Registry six weeks (or earlier) prior to your wedding.

In summary, you need to prove your identity and also prove that you’re free to get married, i.e. you’re single.

Both church and civil weddings performed in Malta are legal in most countries worldwide, including the U.K. and other European countries, the U.S.A., Canada and Australia.

Some six weeks prior to your Malta wedding date, you must request the publication of Marriage Banns at the Public Registry of Malta.

Ten days prior to the marriage date, you must collect 3 documents from the Marriage Registry and send them to the Parish Priest of the place where the wedding ceremony is going to be held.

Weddings Malta: Information you need to give to the Marriage Registry

1. Date, place and time of your wedding

2. Place of work of your witnesses

3. Father’s name of both witnesses

4. What surname the bride will use after marriage (i.e. taking her husband’s or keeping her own surname)

Document Requirements for foreigners wishing to get married in Malta

1. Form RZ1

2. Form RZ2

3. Photocopy of passport

4. Full Copy of Birth Certificate (authenticated by a legal person)

5. Free Status Certificate

6. In the case of widowed persons, they must produce a Certificate of their First Marriage and also a Certificate of Death of their Former Spouse.

7. In the case of divorcees, they must produce a Divorce Absolute.

8. In the case of widowed persons and divorcees, an affidavit must be produced by a third person stating that the persons who are to be married have not re-married since the death of their former spouse or the date of their divorce.

These are the general documents which are required. Residents of some countries, may require additional documents (i.e. which have to be granted from their home country) in order to be able to get married outside their home country.

Marriage Registry of Malta

Evans Building

Merchant Street

Valletta VLT 2000


Telephone: 356 2220 9200



Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30 am till 12.00 pm (Oct to Mid-Jun) and from 8.00 am till 11.30 am (Mid-Jun to Sept)

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