February Weather Malta

How’s the weather in Malta in February?

This February Weather Malta page focuses on one of the coldest months in Malta.

Due to the smallness of the Maltese islands, there are no regional variances, so when you are reading weather forecasts for Malta, it means that all the three main islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) are being covered.

The weather in Malta in February is a combination of cloudy, rainy days as well as bright sunny days.

weather malta february

February’s daily average temperatures are very similar to that of January.

Daytime temperature never falls below 10ºC (50ºF) and at night, it’s never below 0ºC (32ºF).

This is why so many people escape the harsh winter temperatures at home and come to Malta.

The low season also guarantees fantastic holiday deals that are sometimes too tempting to ignore!

Average rainfall is less than that of January and towards the end of February, it usually starts getting noticeably warmer.

When it’s really windy (a common feature of Malta’s weather during this time of the year), it can feel much colder than it really is though. So if you’re planning your Malta holidays around February, be sure to pack some warm winter clothes.

February Weather: Averages

Hours of bright sunshine: 6.36

Rainfall in mm: 60.8

Daytime Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 15 (59.00 °F)

Sea Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 14.5 (58.1 °F)

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