January Weather Malta

So what’s the weather like in January?

This January Weather Malta page focuses on one of the coldest months of the year on the Maltese islands.

There’s an old Maltese saying that goes “Qabel il-Milied, la bard u lanqas ksieh”. In English, this roughly means “There’s no cold before Christmas”.

And that is so true. Right after Christmas, it’s usually quite evident that winter in Malta is in full swing.

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The weather in Malta in January is a mixture of cloudy and rainy days as well as some sunny days. It feels much colder than November and December. Having said that, the weather in January in Malta is quite mild when compared to other parts of Europe.

In fact, the average daytime temperature never really falls below 10ºC (50ºF). At night, it never falls below 0ºC (32ºF). This is why, you will not encounter any snow in Malta.

On very windy days though, it can feel much colder than it actually is. So if you’re thinking of visiting Malta in January, be sure to pack some winter coats and jackets.

It is also not uncommon to get some three days of stormy weather in January. You can also encounter gale force winds. What’s “good” about rainy days in Malta though, is that most often than not, it will usually clear up after a few hours.

January Weather Malta: Averages

Hours of bright sunshine: 5.46

Rainfall in mm: 90.1

Daytime Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 15 (59.00 °F)

Sea Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 14.5 (58.1 °F)

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