Weather in Malta at Christmas

So what's it like?

The weather in Malta at Christmas and during the whole month of December will be a bit cooler than November and you can expect to have some rainy days.

Sunny days though are plentiful and overall the weather would still usually be fairly warm. Certainly warmer than most parts of Europe that’s for sure!

So if you’re thinking of having a white Christmas, you can forget about it :)

During December, you will most likely encounter an amusing paradox as regards to clothing. The locals would have invariably already taken out their winter coats and such … and the tourists? If it’s a sunny day, you will see them in short sleeves enjoying the glorious Mediterranean sun, probably chatting away to the locals in their coats, hats and scarves! :)

Temperature varies and ranges between a minimum of 9ºC to a maximum of 19ºC (that's in the 48.2 °F to 66.2 °F range).

The weather in Malta in December is quite mild and even at night time, the temperature never falls below 0ºC (i.e. below 32.00 °F).

You can get some rather windy days though with strong gale force winds blowing from the northwest or northeast. These days usually bring with them stormy weather.

December Weather Malta: Averages

Hours of bright sunshine: 5.20

Rainfall in mm: 100.2

Daytime Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 18 (or 64.4 °F)

Sea Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 16.7 (or 62.06 °F)

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