Villa Rundle Gardens in Rabat Gozo

Villa Rundle Gardens were planted during the British Rule in Malta, in 1914. The gardens are located in Rabat Gozo.

villa rundle gardens gozo island

While on the Maltese Islands, the British developed and built many areas, mostly for military purposes but they also built some recreational sites too.

Rabat (or Victoria, as it's also known) is the capital city of Gozo.

Here you can find many trees, both local and imported. The gardens were laid out by General Leslie Rundle who was the Governor of Malta from 1909 till 1915.

Villa Rundle is the perfect spot if the scorching Mediterranean summer gets a bit too much for you.

It’s also a great place where you can just chill out and plan your next Gozitan adventure. The island has a lot to offer, so you can use the gardens to rest for a while until you decide which area you’re going to explore next.

Villa Rundle has countless trees and benches. There’s also a fountain and a tiny bird “zoo”. All this just a few blocks away from Rabat’s centre.

Many food and drink outlets are close by but the gardens themselves do not have any kiosks or restaurants.

Rundle Gardens are open daily from 6.00 am till 8.00 pm in summer and from 7.00 am till 6.00 pm in winter. Entrance is free.

Getting there

Rundle Gardens are situated in Republic Street, Rabat Gozo.

If you’re arriving to Rabat by bus, the bus terminus is just behind the gardens.

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