Torri ta' San Lucjan (Fort St Lucian)

Another impressive legacy from the Knights of Malta period

The Torri ta' San Lucjan (Fort St Lucian) is located south of Marsaxlokk, on the road to Birzebbuga.

torri ta' san lucjan marsaxlokk fort st lucian

The size of the square shaped fort is amazing and the story behind this imposing fort will amaze you even more!

The construction of this majestic fort started in 1610. It is estimated that the building of the fort only took one year to be completed. Until then Marsaxlokk bay was not fortified with towers.

It-Torri ta' San Lucjan: What prompted its construction?

It is said that the idea to build this fort originally came from a dream!

During Grand Master De Wignacourt’s rule, a woman is said to have had a dream where St. John spoke to her and told her to urgently advise the Grand Master to fortify Marsaxlokk’s harbour, because a Turkish siege was about to happen.

The woman recounted her story to a local priest. The priest immediately told the bishop about the dream, who in return shared the story with the Grand Master.

However, it is believed that Grand Master De Wignacourt did not give any importance to the words of the Bishop and nothing was done. To the Grand Master’s shock, that summer the Turks assaulted the harbour - just like the woman said they would!

After the attack, the Grand Master immediately ordered that a fort be built in the area!

The fort has a square shape and in the old days it used to be armed with 6 canons, armaments and ammunition. A number of knights were also stationed right in the fort.

Fort St Lucian is surrounded by a rock cut ditch and it has a curved entrance ramp. In the fort, there’s also a small chapel dedicated to St Lucian.

In recent times, the fort was somewhat forgotten up until the early 70s.

It was around that time that the local government finally decided to make good use of it again. Following a thorough restoration project, Fort St Lucian was once again given its long due importance.

Today, the fort houses the administration offices of a government fish farm and is known as the Malta Aquaculture Research Centre.

Opening Times

Fort St Lucian is open on SATURDAY at 10.00 am for small groups (from 2 to 5 persons maximum) and individuals. The door opens at 10.00 and whoever is waiting, will be admitted.

On Saturday, the fort is also open at 11.00 am for pre-booked organised groups only. So if you're going to be a larger group, you need to make an appointment with Mr Ray Caruana (Aquaculture Officer) by emailing him on or by phone on ++356 22293317.

*** Important: No open-toe and high heeled footware is allowed within the premises.

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