Exploring Torri l-Abjad Mellieha area

(Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of my adventures at Torri l-Abjad, click here to read what I’ve been up to so far …

After taking some photos of the charming girna I came across, I sat on the rubble wall to have a quick sip from my lemonade. By this time I was already feeling hot! Incredible … it’s October and the sun is out in its full glory! I spotted a huge tree so I decided to sit next to it to shelter myself from the sun and um watch the world go by for a bit. I have such a tough job :)

After my short break, I decided that I had better start walking again if I wanted to make it to Torri L-Abjad! I’m small so I’m a bit slow you see.

The road to Torri L-Abjad passes through a wooded area and it’s a lovely leisurely walk. The trees that you see on both sides of the road are believed to have been planted in the late 50s. Since the area is exposed to very harsh winds, most of the trees made very little progress. Later, some forest-type trees were planted to protect other weaker trees from the winds. This is when the olive trees in this area began to prosper.

The area is also much sought after for hunting and trapping – two very popular local traditions.

I decided to take a detour to Armier Bay.

armier bay malta beaches

This beach may not be one of the most popular beaches in Mellieha but I like it. It’s more of a family type beach. Today, it was practically deserted so I had the whole beach to my little self. I laid down on the sand for a while, closed my eyes and dreamt of marshmallows for a bit. [Editor: That’s your second break in less than half an hour … Hmmm].

Um I mean I laid there and started thinking of where to go to next so that my readers will get extensive coverage on the Maltese islands. Is that better boss?

After that short um deep thinking break, I started walking again. A few minutes later, I stopped to admire the fantastic scenery on the right hand side of the road. From here, you can look back and admire Mellieha bay in its full glory. There’s also dramatic cliffs and of course, crystal clear blue waters. Amazing! Most of the time, the water is so clear that you can see the sea bed (where the water runs shallow).

rdum il-hmar mellieha malta coastline

From the cliffs called Rdum il-Hmar (meaning the Donkey’s Cliff) you can also see floating pens and cages of a fish farm. Not a very pretty sight unfortunately. In fact, I wish that they had put them somewhere else to be honest. To be fair, they’re far out in very deep waters, but they’re still visible from this cliff. These fish farms produce sea bass and sea bream.

Having said this, the area is simply stunning, so not even fish farms can ruin it!

When I finally arrived at Torri l-Abjad bay I was feeling very hot and hungry, so I found a small tree, sat down under its shade and ate some hobz biz-zejt.

l-ahrax mellieha malta

Mmmmm hobz biz-zejt! Guess what I had for dessert? Marshmallows of course! Mmmmm! [Editor: Can you please get on with it?]

Um yes boss.

Torri l-Abjad bay (which means White Tower) is another family oriented beach.

torri l-abjad mellieha malta beaches

Over the years, it has become littered with beach huts and some of them are quite an eye soar in my opinion. Still the beach is clean and the water’s superb most of the time. Even though it was a hot day, there was nobody on the beach.

This beach takes it’s name after the white tower that “guards” the bay and coastline. The tower is one of the various towers that were built by the Knights of Malta. It was built in 1658. This particular tower is today a private residence. Can you imagine living in a tower?!!!! How cool is that now.

The area around and behind the tower is known as l-Ahrax. Here you will also find Malta’s only camping site! While exploring the area, a solitary sailing boat passed by. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was green with envy for whoever was on that boat! Oh wait … I am always green :)

sailing in malta l-ahrax mellieha malta

At l-Ahrax I also tried my hand at rock climbing. [Editor: It’s not rock climbing if the rocks are less than 3 feet high]. OK OK, I just sat on some rocks then!

l-ahrax mellieha malta

Soon, it was time to go home again so I started walking back to Mellieha Bay’s bus terminus. By this time, I was exhausted and I fell asleep on the bus. My Torri l-Abjad adventure only lasted a few hours but what can I say, I’m tiny so I easily get tired :)

Until next time …

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