Things to do in Malta

Ideas and tips on what to do in Malta, Gozo and Comino

Need ideas on things to do in Malta? Everyone's different and of course this is also applicable when you’re on vacation. With this section, we have tried to highlight the top absolute favourites from visitors who have spent their holidays in Malta. The sheer compactness of the Maltese islands make them ideal to do lots of stuff without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.   

Ready for some ideas and tips on what to do in Malta?

Things to do in Malta

If you're arriving in Malta on a cruise ship, then you'll probably only have a few hours at your disposal. If this is the case, then go to our Short Time in Malta page. This whole section is targeted at those who are arriving in Malta with a cruise ship. There's plenty of ideas there on how you can make the most of your time in Malta.

Go and visit the Hypogeum. Check out our Prehistoric Man: Hypogeum page for more info on this fascinating site. (Important: needs to be booked, way in advance.) This site is really one of Malta's most treasured gems!

Visit Ghar Dalam – prehistoric cave in Birzebbugia.

Go golfing. There's only 1 golf course in Malta. Visit our Golf in Malta page for more information.

Spend a day wandering around the capital city: Valletta (A UNESCO World Heritage site).

Explore the Maltese islands' New Stone Age temples.

Go to St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta where a famous Caravaggio painting is located.

If while exploring Valletta, you suddenly feel tired and want to have a rest, head to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. These gardens are just the perfect spot to rest and also take in spectacular views of the Grand Harbour. Visit our Upper Barrakka Gardens page for more information on these lovely gardens.

If your time on the Maltese islands is limited, spend at least 1 day savoring the many attractions of Gozo island, Malta’s sister island – an island where time stood still.

You just HAVE to try out Maltese food. In fact, this should really be one of the top items on your Things to do in Malta List! :)

Walk along the beautiful and dramatic Dingli Cliffs.

Wonder in awe at one of Malta's most puzzling archeological mysteries, i.e. it's ancient cart ruts.

If you're visiting Malta in spring, you can go and explore Buskett Gardens, the only extensive woodland on the island. Spring is the best time to visit this small but lovely woodland. Go to our Buskett Gardens page for more information.

Go birdwatching. The best months for birdwatching in Malta are April, May, September, October and November. Visit our BirdLife Malta: Birdwatching on the Maltese Islands page for more information and photos of birds which you can see in Malta.

Take a leisurely stroll in Mdina – the old capital city and also dubbed as the “Silent City”. This one you really CANNOT miss! Mdina should be at the very top of your Things to do in Malta list.

Take a dip in the awesome Malta beaches.

If you would to know what pristine clear blue Mediterranean waters really, then you have to go to Comino by boat. A quick swim in the Blue Lagoon and you’ll want to stay there forever. Definitely a MUST DO from your Things to Do in Malta list :)

Sample the Maltese nightlife in Paceville.

If you're holidaying in Malta at the end of September, then why not go to the Malta Airshow? Definitely a fun day out for everyone.
More info on the Malta Air Show here.

If you're visiting Malta in July or August, then you can choose from an endless number of Village Festas that take place during the summer. Although these are first and foremost religious festivals, this is another “excuse” for the Maltese to eat and drink :) Why not join in the fun while you’re here.

Get married in Malta!

Go diving. Diving in Malta is said to be one of the most spectacular things to do in Malta! You can find many fascinating dive sites on the Maltese Islands. For an overview on the best diving sites in Malta, go to our Diving Holiday Malta page. If on the other hand, you're more keen to explore Gozo, go to our Scuba Diving in Gozo section for information on the best dive sites in Gozo. Don't forget the island of Comino! Visit our Dive Sites in Malta - Comino page for advice and tips on the top favorite dive sites on this tiny captivating island.

If markets are your thing, then consider visiting the busy open-air market in Valletta (early mornings on Sundays). The small fishing village of Marsaxlokk also has an open-air market on Sundays. For more information on the various markets that are organized regularly on the islands, go to our Malta Markets section.

If you're planning on doing a bit of shopping while on your Malta holidays, visit our Malta Shopping page for information and advice on where to go to for the best shopping districts on the Maltese Islands.

Fancy a leisurely stroll in the most beautiful public gardens on the Maltese islands? Visit San Anton Gardens. Go to our San Anton Palace and Gardens page for more information on these magnificent gardens.

Go rock climbing. On the Maltese islands, you can practice this sport all year round. So if you're the active and adventurous type, this is one thing from our "things to do in Malta" list that you should definitely try! For more information, visit our Rock Climbing Malta page.

Take to the water! Sailing in Malta offers awesome scenery and views, not to mention coves and secluded swimming spots that you cannot reach otherwise. Visit our Skippered Charter Malta section for details of the various yacht marinas that you can find on the Maltese Islands. If you're keen on doing some sailing while on your Malta holidays, be sure to also visit our Yacht Charter Malta Tips section for valuable planning and safety tips.

How about taking a short boat trip in one of the cute brightly coloured Malta boats? Alternatively, you can also choose to go on longer boat trips around the Maltese Islands. For more information on the most popular boat trips and excursions, visit our Boat Hire Malta page.

If you like hiking, go walking in Malta, Gozo or Comino.

Want to learn English while holidaying in Malta? Thousands of students do this every year! Visit our English School Malta page for more info on the types of English courses that are available, as well as a list of all the licensed English Language Schools in Malta and Gozo.

If you're an aviation enthusiast, then a visit to the Malta Aviation Museum at Ta' Qali National Park is a must. The park has many lovely picnic areas and a Crafts Village among other things. For more information on the aviation museum and Malta's favourite park, visit our Ta Qali National Park page.

Visiting Marsaxlokk? Be sure to look out for Fort St Lucian, an impressive fort from the Knights of St John period.

Fancy a visit to a casino in Malta? Get all the info you need on Malta's beautiful casinos by visiting our Casinos in Malta page.

How about ending a fantastic day out by going to an excellent restaurant and then off to the movies after? If you feel like watching a movie while on holiday in Malta, check out our

Malta Cinema Theatres page for more information on cinema theatres in Malta and Gozo as well as their movie schedule.

Perhaps you fancy a night at the opera or see an excellent drama performance ... Check out our Theatre Malta page for more information on the main theatres in Malta, as well as their latest offerings.

Don't forget to look out for the traditional old Malta Bus too! :)

Do you find religious pareidolia intriguing? In Malta, you'll find that too! For more information on this phenomenon, visit our Pareidolia in Malta section.

Of course the above is by far not an extensive Things to do in Malta list. There are many other stuff that you can do while holidaying on the Maltese islands.

For more ideas on things to do in Malta, visit our Whats On in Malta page for more information on what you can do on the Maltese Islands in the winter months of December, January and February, the lovely spring months of March, April and June and the fabulous summer months of July, August and September.

Autumn on the Maltese Islands is quite mild so there's plenty to do and enjoy in October and November as well.

If you're a great advocate of absolutely no hassle, carefree holidays and you'd much prefer to book yourself on a guided tour, there are many fantastic tours and excursions available for you.

Simply visit our Malta Tours and also our Gozo Tours sections for advice and tips on Malta, Gozo and Comino guided tours and trips.

Coming over with your kids? Check out our Kids Activities page here. 

Want tips and tricks on the best places to eat in Malta? Visit our restaurants page here. 

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