Theatre Malta: What’s the theatre scene like in Malta?

Our Theatre Malta page provides information on the main theatres in Malta and Gozo as well as highlights the top events which are held annually in the local theatres.

Theatre Malta: A Brief Overview

The theatre season runs between October and May. Performances are mainly held in English and Maltese.

theatre malta manoel

Due to the smallness of the islands, there is no professional theatre and all Malta Theatre Entertainment Companies are amateur.

However, local companies are extremely dedicated and passionate about their art and they always manage to stage excellent performances!

Theatres in Malta host a good variety of events ranging from festivals, drama, comedy, classical music concerts, dance shows, opera, ballet and much more.

Opera used to be extremely popular in Malta in the old days. In fact, the island had a dedicated opera building which was unfortunately destroyed in World War II.

Nowadays, operas are staged at the Manoel Theatre or Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta or at the two theatres in Gozo. An opera festival is also held annually.

Manoel Theatre Malta

The Manoel Theatre in Old Theatre Street in Valletta is literally a feast for the eyes!

Built by the Knights of Malta in 1731, this charming little theatre seats 600 people. This spectacular theatre was built in just 10 months.

Nowadays, the theatre runs guided tours of the auditorium and back stage. Participants in these tours also get to have a look around the Theatre Museum.

You can learn more about the history of the theatre as well as get to know what performances are being held, by visiting the Manoel Theatre’s website here.

St. James Cavalier Theatre Malta

Built by the Knights of Malta, originally the purpose of the cavalier was to provide raised gun-platforms to counteract attacks. St. James Cavalier is located at Pjazza Kastilja in Valletta.

Today, the stunning St. James Cavalier hosts a small intimate theatre which seats around 60 people. The seats are arranged around the central stage.

Performances here include your usual classics but also a lot of experimental, contemporary plays.

For more information about St. James Cavalier, visit their website here.

Astra Theatre Gozo

The Astra theatre is located at 9, Republic Street, Victoria Gozo.

This is the largest baroque theatre on the Maltese islands and features many performances and events which include opera, drama and ballet.

For more information about the theatre, you can visit their website here. The theatre’s website is in Maltese.

Aurora Opera Theatre

This large theatre is renowned for the excellent operas which it stages annually. So if you love opera, why not head to Gozo for a couple of days and see a performance at the Aurora?

The theatre is located in Republic Street, Victoria Gozo. Aurora Theatre also hosts a variety of other events, ranging from ballet to drama.

You can visit their website here. The theatre’s website is in Maltese.

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