The Blue Lagoon

The star of the show on the island of Comino

Discover paradise at the Blue Lagoon and much more on the tiny island of Comino! Although the island of Comino is very small (just 2 kms long by 1.7 kms wide), it can truly make you feel like an "explorer." So put on your best "explorer hat", and let the exploring begin!

The name Comino is derived from the spice cummin, which used to be grown on this miniature island in large quantities. 

the blue lagoon

Aerial view of Comino and its glorious Blue Lagoon

If you asked people where is Malta located, it’s probable that a large amount would not know the answer, but you can rest assured that if you had to ask where Comino is, an even greater amount wouldn’t have any idea of where the island was. Unless they were fortunate enough to have visited the island of course!

The island of Comino, Malta is quite isolated and low profile. Just the perfect spot if you yourself are looking for isolation. (Just don’t go in summer though!)

From afar, the island of Comino looks barren, but the island has a large variety of flora and fauna, coupled with captivating cliff top scenery and two of the most beautiful Malta beaches. (The three main Maltese islands, namely Malta, Gozo and Comino are often referred to collectively as Malta). Make no mistake though, each of the three islands have something distinctive to offer to the visitor.

Perhaps the best time to visit Comino is late spring/early summer, when it’s much much quieter and where you can really enjoy the sheer beauty of this island and explore to your heart’s content.

There’s only one hotel in Comino, so be sure to book early especially if you’re going during the peak season.

With only one dirt road on the whole island, this is perhaps the best way to explore the island. A walk around the entire island will take you roughly two hours. 

The Blue Lagoon

Comino’s highlight is the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is in fact one of the top favourite attractions in Malta. People who have been fortunate enough to take a dip into its crystal clear turquoise waters will rave on about the experience for years and years. And who can blame them? 

the blue lagoon malta

the blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is situated between the island of Comino and its sister islet of Kemmunett. (Kemmunett is uninhabited).

The turquoise water is truly unbelievable and you can also enjoy a dramatic view of the cliffs and St Mary’s tower while you are bathing in the lagoon. Simply a “stop the clock” moment!

If you’re visiting in summer, the Blue Lagoon unfortunately gets very overcrowded with day-trippers. However, this should not deter you from going. If you’re visiting the Maltese islands and have adequate time, then you really cannot miss a swim in the Blue Lagoon. If you visit in the morning, it will be a lot quieter. The lagoon and the other bays found on the island of Comino, Malta are a haven for diving and snorkeling. 

the blue lagoon snorkeling

Snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon is truly magical!

The main diving sites are Santa Marija Caves, Irqieqa Point, Lantern Point and Cominotto Reef. If you’re interested in the host of other diving sites that the Maltese islands offer, click here to go to our Diving in Malta section. 

Santa Marija Bay

This tiny sandy beach offers incredibly clear turquoise waters, synonymous with the island of Comino. The bay also offers some good snorkeling opportunities towards the outer reaches of the bay. The Santa Marija cave is a popular dive site (cave is not accessible from land). Many Gozo diving centres organize dives to this cave.

St Mary’s Tower

Perched on the edge of the cliffs, St Mary’s Tower is the largest coastal tower from the Knights of Malta period. The walls are some 5 metres thick! Built in 1618, it served as a garrison of troops that were stationed in Comino, protecting Malta and Gozo from invasion.

The Village

A two-storey building, the Village was built in 1912 and served as an isolation hospital for plague and cholera victims. It later became the residence of some 65 people who lived on Comino and exported crops. Today, there are only 4 people living on the island of Comino, and they live in a small part of this building.

St Mary’s Battery

Built in 1714, this battery is the best preserved from the many batteries that the Knights of St John had built to reinforce their coastal defences. The land nearby is home to a diverse array of plants which are especially impressive in Spring.

The island of Comino is definitely one of the main attractions in Malta. So be sure to hop on that boat and visit this incredibly tiny but amazing island!

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