The Malta Air Rally never fails to entertain

by Neil

F16 call sign

F16 call sign "orange" at Luqa airport landing after display

The 2009 Malta Air Show for me was one of the highlights of my vacation.

Although I have been to the Malta Airshow before albeit in 2004, it was the first time that my wife had ever been to one.

I can honestly say that she loved it! Especially the display by the Royal Dutch F16 demo team in their F16 am Fighting Falcon. I have to confess it was one of the most favoured single displays at all airshows that I've been to.

I have visited many airshows being an avid fan of aviation but combined with the display and having the backdrop of the city skyline in view, makes it more appealing.

The Malta Airshow for me also offers the chance to see aircraft that I never get to see in the UK, like the Italian water bomber.

My favourite aircrafts from this year's show was the GR9 Avro jump Jet,and the F15E strike eagle and of course the F16.

For me anybody that visits the Malta Airshow will not be disappointed since it's very well priced and you are guaranteed nice weather along with the great atmosphere that it provides.

I am looking forward to another visit soon.

Reply from MALTABULB:

Neil, thank you so much for such a detailed account of the airshow. Stunning photo of the F16 there!

I have personally only been to the Malta Air Show so can't really comment on others, but it's good to see that the Malta airshow compares well with others worldwide.

Thanks again for your contribution.



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