Ta Cenc Cliffs in Sannat: Breathtaking natural beauty on Gozo Island 

The quiet village of Sannat is home to Ta Cenc Cliffs. The cliffs are some 470 ft above sea level.

The village of Sannat has a populaton of some 2,200 people and lies in the south of Gozo island.

It is mostly popular for its magnificent Ta’ Cenc cliffs, rich fauna and flora and mysterious ancient cart ruts from the Neolithic era.

ta' cenc cliffs gozo island

Ta' Cenc Cliffs ... simply breathtaking!

Further proof that Sannat has been inhabited since the New Stone Age period, lies in the fact that some prehistoric remains were also found here which were used by Neolithic people, namely a prehistoric dolmen.

The dolmen consists of a large slab propped up on three smaller stones. It’s not signposted so make sure not to miss it, if you’re exploring the area!

Sannat was once also famous for its lace making. The village is some 2 kms away from Rabat Gozo, which is the capital city of the island.

Ta’ Cenc is an important ecological and geological site. Its cliffs are crucial for many species of birds such as the blue rock trush and the rare spectacled warbler.

In the old days, the area was a breeding ground of the world famous, Maltese falcon. Sadly, this kind of falcon is now extinct on the Maltese islands.

From these cliffs, you can experience stunning views of the deep blue Mediterranean sea which surrounds the Maltese islands. It is said that in the old days, people used to use ropes to go down the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs in order to fish!

Getting there

If you're planning on going by bus to Sannat, go to www.publictransport.com.mt to see which bus number to take depending on the location in Gozo that you're departing from.

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