Sliema and other fine places

by Timo Mertakivi
(Siuntio , Finland)

We were in Malta two years ago and it was Easter time.

It’s a really fantastic place, with good food and very nice people. It was so nice to visit some Maltese homes also. Those homes were so nice and cosy! The houses are so fine and well built. All the people we met were very polite to us.

Valletta was a really outstanding city with the historical places, knights and all.

Our hotel was in St Julians bay. It was really good. A little bit cold but not that much.

Gozo is such a wonderful island! There we found and bought so many things, especially clothes.

We are still in contact with Malta at least once a week, through Facebook. Our friends there have the same breed of dogs that we have … pugs! It’s always nice to hear what is happening in Malta.

I can sincerely say that Malta is a place where every man must visit at least once in life. Maybe more than once, indeed many times. This is because the island is such a wonderful place!

All the drivers in Malta were magnificent drivers. Us pedestrians could walk around so easily and feel safe.

All the food was so tasteful! And the service was really good too! So was the wine and beer. It’s really an outstanding place. All of it!

The walled city of Mdina is home to the noble families of Malta. It has a great atmosphere and quaint restaurants. There is a great French restaurant which we visited with one of our friends. It was an old prison from the time of Napoleon and now it is a really wonderful restaurant. The food was great and the atmosphere also!

Malta is hot, dry and very sunny. Sometimes, the sea breezes will cool you off. But in spring and autumn, the Sirocco wind may turn the Maltese Islands into an oven.

But fortunately for us, we were there at spring time so it wasn't too hot and the climate was fine and the sea gave some fine cooling.

There are approximately five hundred buses in the public transport service in Malta. The bus drivers own most of the buses but operate to a unified timetable set by the Transport Authority. But it was a really nice way to travel all over the island.

It's almost a paradise. It is so wonderful. Malta is important to me and that’s why I visited the place.

I’m sure that we are going to visit again this sunny island and its fine people!

I have been to many places in the Mediterranean, such as Greece, Italy and Spain, but the best of the best is Malta.

The language is a little bit odd there, it sounds like Arabic but still unique. It‘s important that the land has its own language. That means so much.

It’s also important that most of the Maltese people speak English. It’s very easy to visit places and you’ll get a good service in all the places there. The people of the island are so kind and nice.

Magnificent MALTA!

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