Sannat Village in Gozo

A good base to explore the breathtaking Ta’ Cenc Cliffs 

Sannat is a village that is located in the southern part of Gozo. It’s mostly famous for its magnificent lace making. In the old days, it was in fact home to many lace makers.

sannat village in gozo

A curiosity related to this old traditional Maltese and Gozitan craft, is the fact that following World War II, Queen Elizabeth II (of the U.K.) stayed in the village for a while. Specifically, she stayed in a house in Tax-Xelina square called “The Lace House”.

To this day, there’s a good chance that you will see lace making in the streets! This is especially true during summer, when you can see women outside their doorstep making wonderful lace table mats, shawls, etc.

Another interesting and perhaps surprising fact revolves around Ta' Cenc Cliffs. You can get to these cliffs if you continue to the left of the parish church.

ta' cenc cliffs near sannat village in gozo

Ta’ Cenc Cliffs are renowned for their natural beauty and for the spectacular views that they offer. But did you know that in the old days, local fishermen used to let themselves down these cliffs on ropes to fish? What’s even more surprising and perhaps strange in a way, is the fact that they used to go through all this trouble when they could have easily taken a path that leads to the beautiful inlet of Mgarr ix-Xini. This inlet is around a kilometre and a half away from the village.

As with any town or village on the Maltese Islands, the focal point of this Gozitan village is its magnificent parish church.

The church was built in 1781 and is dedicated to Saint Margaret. The village festa is celebrated in July.

The population of Sannat (also referred to as Ta' Sannat) stands at around 2200 people, quite big by Gozitan standards. The village motto reads “Labor Ante Omnia" which means “Work comes before everything”. If there was any need for proof that Gozitans are very hard working people, then this would be it.


This village makes a good base for exploring Gozo. In this village, you will find a good number of beautiful farmhouses, villas and other types of accommodation.

Over recent years, the village has also become popular for travellers wishing to rent a farmhouse for their holidays. A farmhouse is ideal if you're a big family or you're travelling with a somewhat big group.

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Sannat and nearby.


This village is also blessed with a couple of excellent restaurants. And since Gozo is so tiny, you're never too far off from other exquisite restaurants that you'll find on the island.

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