San Lawrenz (Gozo)

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san lawrenz gozo

Located in the west of the island of Gozo, San Lawrenz is a tiny and quiet village with a population of around 550 people. 

Beautiful Dwejra bay and Fungus Rock also form part of this locality.

In the old days, most of the locals were farmers. The village motto is "Dominus protectio Mea" which in English means "The Lord is my Shield". The patron saint of this village is of course Saint Lawrence. There’s another village in Gozo that is named after a saint. It is Santa Lucija village.

san lawrenz gozo

The life-size statue of Saint Lawrence arrived in Gozo in 1895. The statue was carried on the shoulders by many locals all the way from Mgarr to San Lawrenz.

When the church became too small for the locality, it was decided to enlarge it. This was in 1952 and it is said that the parish priest bought chickens, grew them and sold them to raise the required funds for the enlargement of the church!

While building the church, the builders experienced great hardship since water was lacking. In what is believed to have been a divine intervention, the locals were surprised to discover one day, that a stream of water suddenly seeped out! What is truly amazing about this incident is the fact that the stream dried up as soon as the construction of the church was finished!

The San Lawrenz church is a fine example of how the locals come together in time of need.

It is said that everyone in the village helped out in the building of the church, men would do the construction work, while the women and kids helped out in any way they could. When stones used to run out, the bell was rung and the locals would leave their work place to go to the quarries to cut more stones!

The village festa of the patron saint is celebrated around the 1st week of August. 

Accommodation in San Lawrenz, Gozo

If want to spend your days in Gozo in total tranquillity, then San Lawrenz will definitely make a good base. 

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in San Lawrenz and nearby.

Restaurants in the area

At San Lawrenz, it won’t take you hours to decide on where to go to eat, because there’s only 1 restaurant in the village. It serves some nice food though. Some 15 minutes away you’ll find another good restaurant. It's located in nearby Gharb village. 

How to get there

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