Sandy Beaches in Gozo

San Blas Bay

San Blas Bay is one of the tiniest sandy beaches in Gozo.

Dubbed as the miniature version of the stunning Ramla bay, it has practically been left in its natural state. The bay is located at the end of an area which is surrounded by lovely valleys.

This tiny sandy Gozo beach is a favourite for snorkeling. It’s also a good spot for having a picnic.

You can access San Blas beach from Nadur Gozo.

beaches in gozo san blas

San Blas bay is just 100 metres long and its sand is of an interesting orange/red colour, just like that of Ramla Bay, which is said to be the most beautiful from all Gozo island beaches.

It is said that in the old days, the valley leading to the bay was used as a hunting ground by the Knights of St. John.

A coastal tower built by the Knights of Malta still stands on the headland.

The tower was built in 1670 and is called the Ta’ Sopu Tower. The tower is perched some 120 metres above sea level but from Nadur, it can only be seen from San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot.

Beach Facilities

As regards to facilities, you will just find a portable kiosk from where you can rent out umbrellas, sun beds and canoes. The kiosk also sells drinks and snacks.

If you’d like to explore the surrounding landscape, hiring a canoe is well worth it here.

Getting there

If you're thinking of going by bus to Nadur, check out and see which is the best bus route/s to take according to your departing location. From Nadur, it will then take you about 45 minutes to get to the beach on foot.

Alternatively, you can of course go by car.

There’s a small parking spot near the bay which only accommodates a few cars.

Unfortunately on summer afternoons, this parking area fills up fairly quickly and you might have to park your car at the clearing near the last houses. If this happens, you’ll have to walk for about 2 kilometres to get to the beach.

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