Rock Climbing Malta

Information and Tips on Rock Climbing in Malta

Our Rock Climbing Malta page provides an overview of what you can expect if you decide to try your hand at rock climbing while on your Malta holidays.

The Maltese islands have some great rock climbing opportunities of all styles, ranging from traditional, bouldering to deep water soloing, to name a few.

This should not really come as a surprise, since the islands’ coastline is full of dramatic cliffs. The Maltese islands also have many stretches of inland cliffs.

rock climbing malta and gozo

There are over 1300 established routes on the Maltese islands and many more still waiting to be discovered!

All this in just 316sq kms.

You can enjoy the sport the whole year round in Malta, because winter on the Maltese islands is mild when compared to other European countries.

Rock Climbing Malta: Perfect conditions, stunning views and climbs for all levels!

malta rock climbing

Malta does not have any mountains but the variety of stunning climbs that the island offers is incredible!

Choose from single or multi-pitch sea cliff walls … or maybe sea level traversing … why not try deep water solos?

What could be more pleasant then taking a dip into crystal clear blue waters after a strenuous climb?

Over recent years, as Malta rock climbing increased in popularity among the locals and foreigners, there has also been an increase in operators that offer guided climbing excursions and equipment rental.

Some even have their own specialized guidebooks.

Perhaps the most popular sites for rock climbing in Malta are Dingli Cliffs and a site near the Victoria Lines in Naxxar.

rock climbing malta gozo

Some climbers say that it's Gozo and Comino that offer the best climbs.

This is mainly because the countryside is less developed.

Rock climbing in Malta is not for everyone, but if you often go on rock climbing trips all across the globe, why not choose Malta for your next rock climbing adventure?

If you’ve never tried rock climbing before and want to give it a go, many operators offer “taster” sessions for very affordable prices.

If you’re interested in trying indoor rock climbing, then there’s also a couple of places that you can go to in Malta to try this out.

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