Bugibba Resort Malta

Our Bugibba Resort Malta page provides essential information on Bugibba, Malta’s largest seaside resort.

Bugibba is essentially a seventies style resort. It’s coastline promenade takes in some of the best open sea views on the island.

bugibba resort malta

Although shores are rocky, you can find flat rocks where it’s perfect for sunbathing.

There are also comfortable access points for swimming.

During the summer, Bugibba can get quite noisy as you would expect from a popular seaside resort.

Neighbouring Qawra is much quieter.

Accommodation in Bugibba is plentiful.

You can choose from affordable Bugibba hotels or cheap self catering apartments, all targeting the budget conscious traveler.

Many of the restaurants in Bugibba also have very affordable prices.

There are also a number of private lidos lining the waterfront which offer a host of watersports options.

If you’re not the active type, you can always relax on the sun lounges and watch the world go by. Private lidos are also equipped with café-bars.

As for nightlife, Bugibba is also very close to a couple of good nightclubs. If you fancy watching a movie, there’s also a cinema.

Due to the huge amount of self-catering apartments in the area, Bugibba also has plenty of supermarkets and grocery stores.

If you’d like to go diving while holidaying in Malta, Bugibba also offers plenty of dive operators that cater for all levels of diving skills, including absolute beginners.

In Bugibba, you won’t find any historical sites. However, since Malta is so small you would certainly have no trouble at all getting around Malta. Public transport is very cheap and used widely, both by locals and tourists.

Accommodation in Bugibba

Bugibba is perfect for those traveling on a budget.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about hotels in Bugibba here.

Getting there

If you're heading to Bugibba by bus, go to www.publictransport.com.mt to see which is the best bus to take according to your departing location.

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