A Delicious Ravioli Recipe from the Maltese Islands

Ricotta Filled Ravjul

Our ravioli recipe is tasty and quite easy to make. Ravioli in Maltese are called Ravjul. Ravioli originate from Italy but here on the Maltese Islands we have our own variation of this delicious type of pasta.

ravioli recipe from malta

Simple is best when it comes to Maltese ravioli!

Maltese ravioli are traditionally larger than Italian ravioli.

A quick search on how to make ravioli on the Internet will give you countless ravioli recipes. However, Maltese ravjul differs in the type of filling that is used.

Typical ravioli filling recipes include ones made with meat, crab, lobster, mushroom and spinach.

Maltese ravioli are filled with ricotta.

Maltese Ravioli Recipe: Dough & Filling

Ingredients for Ravioli Filling

400 g (or 14.11 oz) ricotta

2 raw eggs

3 tablespoons grated cheese

A bunch of chopped parsley


Ingredients for Pastry

400 g (or 14.11 oz) plain flour


2 egg yolks

A little oil


Step 1: How to make ravioli dough

First, sieve the flour together with a teaspoon of salt into a basin. Add the egg yolks and rub together between your fingers, adding 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil and a little warm water. Work the mixture into a smooth dough.

Let it rest for an hour.

Divide the pastry into two. Sprinkle some floor on the table (or working space) and on your rolling pin. Roll out one of the halves flat on the table in a square shape. The dough should be rolled in one direction and you also need to turn it occasionally. The end result should be a dough which is about 3 mm thick.

Step 2: Making the ravioli filling

While the dough is resting, start preparing the filling.

Mix the ricotta, eggs, grated cheese and chopped parsley in a mixing bowl. together. Add black pepper and salt. Mix well.

Step 3: Making the Ravjul

Take tablespoons of the ricotta filling and pile them up in rows on your flattened pastry square, each a few centimetres apart.

Lower the other pastry half, pressing and sealing firmly around each separate pile of ricotta. Cut out the individual ravioli.

Things are much easier if you have a ravioli maker. 

Leave the ravioli to rest for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: Cooking the Ravjul

Boil the ravioli in water (slightly salted) until just done. Drain well.

Step 5: Serving the Ravjul

Ravjul is best served with a simple ravioli sauce, so serve the ravioli with tomato sauce flavoured with garlic and basil. Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

As you can see, making ravioli is not that hard. So why not try this delicious Maltese ravioli recipe instead of buying ready made ravioli? After all, homemade ravioli are always better than the ones you usually buy from supermarkets and grocery stores!

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