The capital city of the island of Gozo 

rabat gozo

Our Rabat page focuses on the charming town of Victoria (or Rabat) as it’s locally known. The city got its name in 1897 when it was given this name in honour of the British Queen Victoria on her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Rabat Gozo

Today the city of Victoria is made up of both the Gozo Citadel which is the old city of Gozo, and Rabat which in the old days was a suburb of the Citadel.

The city has many places of interest, such as top Gozo museums and other historical buildings. So if you’re visiting the island, a stop at Rabat Gozo is a must!

rabat gozo citadel

Beautiful St. Mary Cathedral tucked away in the intricate citadel of Gozo

If you’re pressed for time and you only have time to visit one site in Rabat, then you should just head to the Citadel. If you’d like to learn more about the Citadel and its tragic past, visit our Gozo Citadel page.

You really are spoilt for choice with what you can see and do here, choose from a visit to the Cathedral, peek into the Folklore Museum or maybe have a look at the Old Prisons. 

For more information on these Gozo museums, go to our Museums in Malta and Gozo page.

rabat gozo

Independence square is the centre of Victoria. The area is locally known as it-Tokk.

Early in the mornings, you will find an open market. In the square there are also lots of open air cafes where you can sit, relax and have a drink as you watch the world go by. Hidden in what seem to be a cobweb of narrow streets is the beautiful basilica of St. George, right at the centre of the old town.

These streets are the oldest in the city! The foundations of the basilica were laid in 1672 but it is believed that the church existed in some form or other even in medieval times!

The modern Republic Street is the city’s main street and you’ll find a good number of shops, pharmacies, banks, theatres and also a few shopping malls.

In the same street you will also find Villa Rundle Public Gardens, which are worth a visit if you’d like to get away from the busy city centre.

Victoria Gozo: Getting there

Planning on getting around Gozo by bus? Visit www.publictransport.com.mt for information and timetable details on the buses that operate to Rabat from the harbour. The city is just 6 kms away from the harbour.

If you’re visiting Rabat Gozo by car, make sure you have a Parking Clock Dial when you park your car in time-restricted parking zones.

You can get a clock dial free of charge, from the Gozo Ferry or from the local council in Independence Square.

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Rabat (Victoria) and nearby.


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