Qala Gozo: Old windmills, a gorgeous bay and much more!

qala church

The tranquil village of Qala lies to the east of Nadur in Gozo.

The main attractions of this village are the 18th century windmills.

The village is also the gateway to one of Gozo’s most beautiful beaches, namely Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay.

To get to this bay, you have to take the road east of the square (Kuncizzjoni Road).

This road will lead you down to the bay. For more information on this beach, visit our Hondoq Bay page.

The village is the farthest one from the capital city of Gozo, Rabat. The name of the village means sheltered haven.

The baroque parish church is dedicated to St Joseph. It is said to have been built around 1889.

In this village, you will also see salt pans and cart ruts. For more information on these mysterious markings, visit our Malta Cart Ruts page.

The village festa of St Joseph is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. The first festa is believed to have been held in 1890!

The village has a population of 1,700 inhabitants.

Restaurants in Qala

There are a couple of good restaurants in this village with reasonable prices and which provide a nice local feeling.

What’s near by?

- Nadur

Nadur is Gozo’s second city. The city name means “lookout”. Nadur is home to a beautiful parish church and is also famous for its yearly spontaneous carnival!

- Ghajnsielem

Ghajnsielem merges with Mgarr. A landmark here is the majestic Neogothic church which looms over the square of the village.

Getting there

For more information on the Gozitan public transport service, visit our Gozo Buses section.

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