Qaghaq ta' l-Appostli: A delicious type of Maltese bread for Lent

Qaghaq ta’ l-Appostli is a delicious type of bread which is prepared and sold during the Lenten period. In some areas (such as Rabat), these popular bread rings are sold weekly throughout Lent.

However in most villages and towns, this bread is prepared specifically for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

qaghaq ta' l-appostli

qaghaq ta' l-appostli

What are Qaghaq ta’ l-Appostli?

This traditional Maltese bread is essentially a circular loaf of bread which is very soft on the inside. The bread is decorated with roasted almonds and sesame seeds on the top.

You can find this type of bread in bakeries and supermarkets. You will also find these circular loaves being sold near the main churches of each town and village on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, especially during the time that religious functions and activities are being held.

These vendors will usually also have a special type of Lenten sweet called Karamelli tal-Harrub (Carob sweets).

The tradition of baking these Apostles’ bread rings goes back hundreds of years and is still very much popular and a family favourite to this day!

qaghaq ta' l-appostli

qaghaq ta' l-appostli

How do you eat these bread rings?

Simplicity is key here. Just spread the bread with salted butter and you’re good to go. You can also add some cheese too.

Insider tip: Always try to pick the part of the loaf where there are the roasted almonds :) Simply delicious!

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