Types of Property in Malta and Gozo: An abundance of choice to fit any budget!

If you’re thinking of buying property in Malta, then you obviously need to know what type of property is available in Malta and Gozo.

There are essentially 9 main types of property in Malta.

Each type of property can be found all across the Maltese islands, so if you’re thinking of relocating to Malta it should be no problem whatsoever to find just the type of property that you need, in the town or village that you want.

property in malta and gozo

Balconies in Malta and Gozo come in all shapes and sizes

Some locations obviously have a larger concentration of specific types of property, but no matter what sort of property you’re looking for, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of choice … sometimes the vast choice available can be overwhelming even.

Types of property in Malta and GozoApartment

Over the past decades, this type of property has increasingly become the most popular property in Malta, especially for first time buyers.

A large number of Maltese people, as well as foreigners also commonly buy this type of property as a summer residence.

An apartment or flat (which is the UK term) forms part of a block of property with common parts and a communal entrance.

property in malta

Apartments and houses in an old part of the charming city of Vittoriosa

Very often, apartments have an open plan layout, although this is not always the case.

A large percentage of apartments in Malta and Gozo have an underlying garage and are served with a lift.

A good number also have sea or panoramic views.


This type of property is not too different from an apartment in terms of layout. However, maisonettes have their own front door. Maisonettes come at semi basement, ground or elevated floor level. Very often they have a back yard or garden. First floor maisonettes have shared or full ownership of overlying roof.


What mainly differentiates this type of property from your usual apartment is the fact that a penthouse is located at the top of a building.

Associated with a luxurious lifestyle, a penthouse can occupy an entire floor. You can also find various penthouses in a single building block.

Perhaps one of the most attractive traits of a penthouse is the fact that this type of property has an incredible amount of natural light!

Town House

This type of property can be up to a 100 years old.

Constructed from typical Maltese limestone, town houses come in all “shapes and sizes” but commonly have a courtyard and/or garden. Some even have swimming pools. Sometimes a town house can have an integral garage.

Terraced House

property in malta

A terraced house is larger than a town house.

This type of property can usually be either a couple of decades old (newly renovated or in need of renovation) or it can be newly built.

Terraced houses usually have a good sized back yard and/or garden.

Depending on the size of the house, this type of property offers an integral or underlying garage usually accommodating from 2 to 4 cars.

House of Character

A house of character is over a 100 years old!

This highly popular type of Malta property has authentic features ranging from wine cellars, wells, wood beams, patterned tiles, etc. Houses of character are found in old Maltese and Gozitan towns or villages. Incredibly atmospheric and unique, a house of character can be converted to your own individual taste and style.

If you’re interested in purchasing this type of property, you will have a choice of buying an already converted house or you can buy it unconverted so that you’ll have full control on the renovation.

Farm House

Similar to a house of character, a farm house is usually much larger.

This type of property usually boasts authentic features such as wood beams, patterned tiles, etc. A farm house offers an abundance of space and it usually has a large garden and/or swimming pool.

Found in Maltese and Gozitan rural areas.


A bungalow is a ground floor level building.

This type of property is much more expensive than a terraced house. Usually located in exclusive areas, bungalows have a front and back garden or yard. Many have a drive in.

This type of property in Malta and Gozo offers plenty of light and space and can come in a detached or semi-detached form. A bungalow will have an adjacent or underlying garage that accommodates 6 cars or more.

Often, bungalows have a swimming pool with some also having a flatlet.


Offering plenty of space, a villa usually has a drive in and a front and back garden.

A villa can be semi-detached or detached and usually has an adjacent or underlying garage than can accommodate some 8 cars or more. Most villas have very large gardens and swimming pools with spacious deck areas.

As can be seen from our Property in Malta overview, there are many types of property for sale in Malta and more importantly, you can be sure to find just the right property that fits your budget and needs.

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