The Prehistoric Man in Malta & The Hypogeum

One of the strangest Neolithic structures found on the island!

prehistoric man hypogeum malta

The Hypogeum is one of the oldest and most impressive monuments that the Prehistoric man has left to the world.

It’s an extensive underground shrine which is spread over three levels. Only two levels are open to the public.

Estimated to have been built between 3600 and 2500 B.C., it is believed that this impressive building was still a work in progress when Malta’s Neolithic people suddenly disappeared without a trace!

This incredible necropolis consists of halls, chambers and passages and you can smell its sense of mystery with every breath that you take.

The Hypogeum, located at Hal Saflieni, Paola was discovered in 1899. Excavations revealed the remains of 7000 bodies together with artefacts such as stone necklaces and the famous Sleeping Lady figure. (It is nowadays on display at the National Museum of Archeology in Valletta).

The purpose of this fascinating Neolithic monument still baffles archaeologists. Clearly it was connected to the role of death. However, the fact that only 7000 bodies were found (meaning about 7 burials per year over the thousands of years that it was in use) suggests that the Hypogeum must have had other uses.

prehistoric man sleeping lady malta

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum remains one of the most mysterious sites from all attractions in Malta.

You really HAVE to see it, in order to experience the profound and somewhat eerie atmosphere.

The Hypogeum is open to a maximum of 80 visitors per day. This is done to ensure proper conservation. Being that the Hypogeum is very impressive, there is a lot of demand from visitors to see it, so if you’re thinking of visiting Malta, you should book ahead or you will most likely be disappointed.

Thousands of people from all over the world visit this fascinating Prehistoric monument on the island of Malta each year. Some of them are looking for answers on the Prehistoric civilizations that roamed across the globe during that period. However, you may find yourself leaving the sight with even more questions than you had before.

More proof that the legacy of the Prehistoric man on the island of Malta really IS that fascinating!

For booking, log on to the Heritage Malta website and make an online reservation request.

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm and admission fee is Euro 10.00. Discounts are available for students and senior citizens. Please note that children aged up to 5 years are not admitted.

Caution: The site can make those who suffer from claustrophobia uncomfortable.

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