Prehistoric Civilizations on the Maltese Islands

Mnajdra Temples

The best preserved structures built by Prehistoric civilizations, Mnajdra temples are just a five minute walk away from Hagar Qim Temples in Qrendi.

The Mnajdra complex consists of three temples side by side, each with a trefoil plan. All temples date between 3600 and 3000 B.C.

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The southern temple is full of significant solar alignments and it is also the best preserved of all New Stone Age temples on the Maltese islands. Its two pairs of chambers are small and intimate and beyond them there are three altars propped on round tapered stones.

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The Oracle Hole in one of the chambers, is a small aperture that opens into a hidden cubicle.

It is believed that this was used as the seating place of an oracle who passed messages or mantras during ceremonies.

From Mnajdra, you can see Filfla, a very small uninhabited island about 8 kms offshore. The island used to be a target practice for the British armed forces until 1970, when it was declared a nature reserve.

Filfla supports important breeding colonies of seabirds, including some 10,000 pairs of storm-petrels. It is also famous for a unique specie of lizard that is found on the island. Landing on the island is forbidden.

If you hike east along the cliffs you will find yourself in Wied iz-Zurrieq where there is the famous Blue Grotto, if you go west you will get to Ghar Lapsi.

Mnajdra temples are a few minutes away from Hagar Qim temples and visitors usually visit both temples. You can either purchase a combined ticket to see both for Euro 7.00 or pay Euro 4.66 to see just one of the temples. We recommend that you visit both temples since they're very close to each other. This way you will get a good feel of the temples that were built by Prehistoric civilizations while living on the Maltese islands.

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