Ghar Dalam: See the remains of prehistoric animals from the last Ice Age!

prehistoric animals

Ever wondered what prehistoric animals looked like? At Ghar Dalam cave, you get a chance to see just that.

Ghar Dalam, meaning the “cave of darkness” is a 145 metre deep cave situated in Birzebbugia, Malta.

This cave is dubbed as one of the major sights and a regular stop over for most Malta tours.

However if you have no interest in paleontology, prehistoric history or geology, a visit to Ghar Dalam may not be too appealing for you.

In general, most visitors find the cave fascinating. Kids also usually like the place especially the remains of the prehistoric mammals that are located at the museum.

When you consider the fact that what you see at Ghar Dalam are the remains of prehistoric mammals that were swept into the cave at the end of the last Ice Age, you can start to appreciate the uniqueness of this cave.

Don’t expect to see loads of prehistoric species though. The collection at the small museum is limited. You will also see some human teeth and a skull that dates back to around 7000 years ago. These are the earliest human remains that were found on the Maltese islands.

prehistoric animals ghar dalam

Particularly captivating are the remains of a 125,000 year old hippopotamus and a dwarf elephant.

The Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum in Birzebbuga are open daily from 9.00am till 5.00pm. Entrance fee is Euro 3.50.

Getting there

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