Wenzu declares his love for pastizzi

And I’m so benevolent I’m also going to share the pastizzi recipe ...

Awful weather today. Not rainy, but gloomy and cloudy.

Just the perfect day to stay in bed all day. But of course, being the hard working soul that I am [Editor: Hmmm] I decided that today was going to be the day where I declare my ever lasting love for pastizzi :) Hey writing a blog about these famous Maltese cheese cakes is still work you know!

maltese cheese cakes malta

Nothing like these yummy pastries to lift your spirits up when the weather outside is horrible.

These tiny Maltese cheese cakes are unique in many ways. Simply magical! Ask anyone who’ve tasted them and the answer is always the same ... "Mmmmmmm!" :)

Luckily for me, the nearest snack bar that sells them is just a few minutes away.

These yummy pastries can be filled with ricotta cheese or peas. I like both! Over the decades, some have attempted to introduce new filling variations and you can sometimes find spinach and anchovy ones. I’m a bit old-fashioned and for me the traditional ones are the yummiest by far!

pastizzi malta maltese cheese cakes

Maltese cheese cakes are very cheap so nobody really goes through the trouble of making them themselves. If they're not readily available in your country I’m really sorry for you!

But don't worry, since I’m ever so benevolent (??!!!) I’ve decided to share with you the recipe. Just go to our Easy Cheesecake Recipes from Malta page and grab the recipe.

They’re really not that difficult to make. Try them out today. You can thank me later :)

And now if you’ll excuse me, I've got something really yummy waiting for me :)

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