Nadur Gozo

Home to a bizarre carnival, a popular festa and blessed with secluded, beautiful bays nearby!

Nadur Gozo … one of the largest villages in Gozo. The population of Nadur village is around 4,000. This is huge by Gozitan standards!

Most of the people live in the centre of the village. However, you’ll also find many houses on the outskirts too. A good number of houses here are blessed with fantastic views of Comino and Malta. Others enjoy lovely views of the surrounding valleys.

A good percentage of the locals in this village are either farmers or fishermen. They in fact sell their fruit to be distributed in Gozo and even Malta. It is said that some 70% of all Maltese citrus comes in fact from this Gozitan village!

ramla nadur gozo

Gozo's favourite beach - Beautiful Ramla Bay

Nadur is also blessed with a wonderful coastline where you can find beautiful beaches such as the famous Ramla Bay and the quieter San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot bays.

In the old days, locals of this village were watchful sentries, always on the lookout for danger from possible attacks from corsairs and always ready to alert the rest of the population . The watch towers that can still be found in the area are a testament to this.

ta kenuna tower nadur gozo

One such tower is the Kenuna Tower.

This tower was built in 1848 and was a telegraph link between the Maltese Islands. Another tower which is known as Ta’ Sopu Tower is from the Knights of Malta period and is located between San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot bays.

The village feast is celebrated on the 29th of June.

This is a very popular day on the Maltese Islands and is known as “l-Imnarja” ... in Malta, specifically at Buskett, a two day Imnarja traditional and folkloristic festival is held on the 28th and the 29th of June.

It is estimated that thousands flock to Nadur to celebrate this festa!

The beautiful parish church is dedicated to St. Peter and Paul and is located in the highest point of Nadur. The church is a basilica and the titular statue was made in 1882.

Nowadays, the village is also famous for its bizarre and unique carnival.

Unlike the carnival in Malta with its many colourful and joyous floats and costumes, the Nadur Carnival projects a somewhat sombre, dark atmosphere and vibe. It’s also much more spontaneous than the one held in Malta.

Thousands of Maltese people cross over to Gozo each year, specifically for this carnival!

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