The Mdina Dungeons

Step into the dark side of Malta history!

mdina dungeons malta

The Mdina Dungeons are located just inside the main entrance gate of Mdina Malta.

In the old days, these dungeons were used as a prison. They’re actually located underneath Vilhena Palace.

Here you will find a series of underground passageways and chambers which portray the “dark side” of Malta history.

In the dungeons, you explore and wander around at your own pace.

The dungeons essentially recreate the various types of torture which used to occur in Malta in its ancient past with lifelike waxwork figures.

The main periods covered in this museum are the Roman period, the Knights of Malta period and the Arab period.

Most of the scenes recreated here are gruesome, as you would expect from torture chambers.

But what makes things even more shocking is the fact that a lot of the acts of torture which are depicted in these chambers, actually took place in the same rooms/cells!

It is believed that during the Roman period, the Maltese Islands were used as a slave colony. During those times, crucifixion, torture and beheading were very common.

During the Arab period, a common form of torture was to crush the victims beneath very large stones.

The Knights of St. John also brought many gory torture methods. The Office of the Inquisitor was established in 1561.

Its main aim was to suppress heresy towards the Catholic Faith. Various acts of torture as ordered by the Inquisitor are depicted in this museum.

Some hideous acts of torture from the French Period are also re-created in this museum.

The Mdina Dungeons are not for everyone, but if you’re interested in taking a peek at the many torture methods which were implemented in ancient Malta, then this museum offers very detailed re-creations of those gory days.

Getting there

Mdina can be reached by bus from many locations. 

The Mdina Dungeons are located in St. Publius Square, Mdina. Just walk through Mdina’s main entrance and take the first turning on the right.

The museum opens daily from 10.00 am till 4.30 pm and the entrance fee is Euro 4.00.

Telephone: ++356 2145 0267

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