Marsaxlokk and its many luzzu boats

The most photogenic village in Malta!

marsaxlokk church

Marsaxlokk, a tiny fishing village in the south of the island, played an important role in the history of Malta.

It was in Marsaxlokk Bay which is the island’s second natural harbour, that the Turkish fleet was moored during the Great Siege of 1565. It was also here that Napoleon Bonaparte’s army landed in 1798.

The village is bombarded with day-trippers during the summer but surprisingly it still retains that typical Maltese village atmosphere.

The seafront promenade is the centre of the village.

Being Malta's primary fishing village, you can watch many fishermen mend their nets near the shore while recounting their fishing stories. Be sure not to forget your camera!

The many brightly coloured luzzu (fishing boats) that adorn the harbour are incredibly photogenic :) If you’re interested to learn the story behind these cute boats and the eye of Osiris, then go to our Malta Boats page. 

Looking for accommodation in Marsaxlokk?

Use our easy search box below to find the best deals! Since there aren't a great many accommodation options in Marsaxlokk, we recommend that you book your room immediately to avoid disappointment.

The village is very busy during the lampuki fishing season. The lampuka is Malta’s most favourite fish.

If you like seafood, then a visit to Marsaxlokk is definitely a must! Here you will find what most locals believe are the best seafood restaurants on the island. There’s a daily market on the waterfront with mostly touristy stuff like souveniers. The Sunday Fish Market is definitely more interesting since it offers more variety. If you plan on going though, it’s best to go early in the morning because by about noon all the best stuff will be gone.

If you'd like to swim, then it’s best to head to the rocky shoreline of nearby Delimara Point. Your best option would be the off the beaten track but stunningly beautiful Peter's Pool. 

marsaxlokk harbour
marsaxlokk boats harbour
marsaxlokk harbour

You'll see many local fishermen doing maintenance work on their boats and mending their fishing nets here.

The majority of visitors to Malta, only visit this village for the day. However, if you’re after a quiet and relaxed base, then this tiny fishing village could be an attractive option for you. Especially if you love seafood. You'll be spoiled for choice here, that's for sure. 

Being that Malta is small, you will still be within reach of the main attractions. However, you will not be located in a centralized position so if you're using the bus it will take you a bit longer to get around Malta. If you’re going to hire a car, then making Marsaxlokk your base should be no problem at all.

Getting there

This charming picturesque village is well served with public transport. Visit for all the details regarding bus routes, timetables and schedules that serve this location.

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Marsaxlokk and nearby.

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