In the old days, the village of Marsascala (also spelt Marsaskala) was a Sicilian fishing community. Over the years, it has grown into an increasingly popular residential area and also a seaside resort.

Many Maltese people have summer houses or apartments here. The population here is around 9200. 

The village is a bit off the tourist trail compared to other more popular resorts in Malta. Moreover, it does not have the same amount of entertainment venues as larger, more popular resorts such as Bugibba and Qawra. However, if you're looking for a more "laid back" resort, then this seaside resort could prove to be your best choice. On summer evenings, the lovely promenade is a popular place with the locals for a leisurely stroll. 

marsascala village
marsascala apartments
marsascala promenade

Take a brisk morning walk or a leisurely afternoon stroll on the lovely seaside promenade and take advantage of the fresh sea breeze

The waterfront is littered with various bars and restaurants so you definitely won’t go hungry here. Most of the restaurants have quite affordable rates. There’s a couple of excellent restaurants here, who have patrons from all across the island.

The promenade is the “centre” of the village and this is where you will find the largest number of restaurants. Although there are quite a few other good ones scattered across the place.

The village is not big on historical attractions and sites. The only historical site worth mentioning is St. Thomas Tower. Built in 1614 by the Knights of Malta, the tower is a fortification which forms part of a set of towers scattered all across the Maltese islands, which were all built by Grand Master Wignacourt. 

marsascala boats

Traditional Maltese boats adorn the harbour

Marsascala Malta Accommodation

There are many accommodation options in the area, ranging from hotels and self catering apartments to beautiful holiday villas.

Holiday villas in this area are not as expensive as you might think. Imagine having your own private villa with pool where you can relax by the pool in total privacy and tranquility. 

Check out our interactive map below to see what accommodation is available in Marsascala and nearby.

Getting there

If you're planning on going to this seaside resort by bus, visit for information on relevant bus routes and timetables.

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