Maltese Weather: What to expect in August

The Maltese weather in August can be described in just one word … HOT HOT HOT! ... OK that’s three :)

Similar to July, the climate in Malta in August is hot and dry and temperatures soar. It’s not unusual to have temperatures in the 40s (or in the 104.00 °F range) sometimes!

If there’s high humidity, the heat can become unbearable sometimes especially if you’re sightseeing. If you plan on doing some major sightseeing while on your Malta vacations, then it’s best to do this in the morning, the earlier the better.

Because from around 11.00am onwards, the only place to be at is the beach :)

maltese weather in august

The beach is the place to be in August!

If you’re visiting in August, pack light summer clothes only, the lighter the better! Also make sure to use sun screen, even if you’re just sightseeing.

If you’re at the beach also make sure to stay in the shade whenever you can and to drink lots of water.

Malta Weather Information: August Averages

Hours of bright sunshine: 11.36

Rainfall in mm: 8.8

Daytime Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 32 (or 89.6 °F)

Sea Temperature in Degrees Celsius: 25.6 (or 78.08 °F)

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