Maltese Puppies & Dogs: Adorable cuteness that will melt your heart!

maltese puppies malta

Maltese puppies and dogs are often referred to as the cutest dog breed around!

The Maltese dog descends from one of the oldest dog breeds in recorded history.

In fact, it is estimated that Maltese dogs originated some 6000 B.C. years ago.

It is believed that these adorable dogs originated from the Island of Malta, although there’s no real scientific evidence.

The origins of this breed and Malta’s strategic location do seem to point towards this tiny island.

Where is Malta located?

This minuscule island is situated right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The Maltese is a small toy spaniel, weighing from 1.5 to 3.0 kgs.

It’s famous long silky white coat makes it one of the most recognized dog breeds.

maltese puppies dogs

Sporting a cute little black nose and dark alert eyes, Maltese dogs are extremely intelligent and playful, not to mention the epitome of cuteness.

It is said that ancient Greeks and Romans were of the opinion that the Maltese dog originated on the island of Malta and so they called the breed the “Melitae Dog”, Melitae being one of the ancient names of Malta.

Although there is no evidence that the dog was indigenous to Malta, it eventually became popular and recognized worldwide because it was distributed as an exotic article of trade from Malta across the globe.

And who can deny the fact that this dog breed is simply adorable!!!

This theory is even more plausible since the island of Malta was a geographic centre of ancient trade.

It is believed that Maltese puppies were traded for necessities and supplies and eventually became a much sought after dog breed for the elite and aristocrats.

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