Maltese Cross Tattoos: Fascinating many across the globe!

Maltese Cross Tattoos have been popular for decades, as have been many other cross designs.

This cross tattoo may mean different things to different people. For many, it is a religious and spiritual symbol. To others it's associated with courage and bravery. Others attach other meanings to it.

The original Maltese Cross originated from the island of Malta, where it was the symbol of the Knights of Malta.

These courageous knights fought many heroic battles to safeguard the Holy Land and later on the Maltese Islands.

maltese cross tattoo

One of their much renowned battles was the Great Siege of Malta, where although hugely outnumbered by Ottoman soldiers, the Knights of Malta together with the Maltese people managed to win this epic battle.

The Knights were originally a group of monks who cared for wounded soldiers and pilgrims during the First Crusades.

Today, many variations of the cross exist.

And with tattoos, there is practically no limits to what one can create just from a simple Maltese Cross Design.

A popular cross tattoo is the one much loved by firefighters all across the globe but especially in the U.S.A. Firefighter Maltese Cross Tattoos usually have fire and flames incorporated in the design.

maltese cross tattoos

The firefighter's cross is essentially a Florian Cross (St. Florian being the patron saint of firefighters).

This cross is also widely referred to as the Maltese Cross although it varies from the original one used by the Knights of Malta.

Sometimes, the Maltese Cross Tattoo with flames is made even more detailed and elaborate by depicting a whole image of a firefighter fighting the flames while being “protected” by the cross.

Perhaps the most common Maltese Cross design used is the Firefighter tattoo. Firefighters love this tattoo design since they can relate greatly to the original meaning of the Maltese Cross.

It is said that the points of the cross represent important traits that each firefighter has, such as courage, bravery, sacrifice, being fearless, etc.

maltese cross tattoos iron cross

A true firefighter must often overcome obstacles to literally save lives while risking his or her own.

Other variations in these types of cross tattoos include the Celtic Maltese Cross and the Iron Cross.

It seems the fascination with this mysterious and heroic cross knows no limits, making it one of the most used and popular cross tattoo designs in the world!

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