Maltese Cross Rings Shopping Guide

Your choice of Maltese Cross Rings is wide and varied.

In general, this cross ring design is more likely to be a favorite among men. In the old days, the actual cross itself was the epitome of courage. Its significance today is still largely associated with this highly valued and great character trait! This is why these types of crosses are hugely popular with firemen, especially in the U.S.A.

This type of cross is also very popular among bikers worldwide and you can find all sorts of related biker's apparel and merchandise.

Having said that, nowadays you will also find dainty sleek rings which are more suited for women.

Announcement: We are currently working on our own line of Maltese Cross rings so please check back in the coming weeks to see them. To be the first to know, when we launch our line, please like our Facebook page.

A little bit of history ...

The origins of the cross are traced back to the Knights of Malta. The Knights of St. John or Knights Hospitaller (as they're also known) ruled over Malta for centuries and fought many epic battles.

In one incident, the Knights' courage and bravery were witnessed first hand by the Turkish soldiers when they lost some 2,500 men when they assaulted one of Malta's cities. This was in just one assault!

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