Maltese Cross Decals

Choose from Firefighter Decals and more!

Looking for cool Maltese Cross Decals? Look no further. We have a vast collection of Firefighter Cross Decals suitable for men and women. Stunning decals at incredible prices!

We have selected generic decals and decals according to rank or position in the Fire Department.

Also check out some gorgeous decals suited for a firefighter's wife, mom, daughter or sister ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are currently working on launching our own line of Maltese Cross merchandise, so please check back in a few weeks' time.

Curious to get to know more about the islands from which the Maltese Cross originates from? Have a look around our website!

Today, the Maltese Cross is widely used across many fire departments and stations. However, the original cross had nothing to do with firemen. Find out how it came about by visiting our Maltese Cross section.

If you’re interested in learning about the Knights of St. John (the creators of this famous cross) and their legacy on the Maltese Islands, go to our Knights of Malta section.

These brave knights fought and won many battles but perhaps the one that catapulted them to “stardom” was the Great Siege of Malta. Learn more about this important battle in the history of the Mediterranean and Europe, by visiting our Siege of Malta page.

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