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Clip Art Maltese Cross

The original Maltese Cross ...

Made famous worldwide by the Knights of St. John, this cross is the epitome of courage and sacrifice. The Knights of Malta (or the Knights Hospitalier, as they're also called) came from noble families all across Europe. They ruled the Maltese Islands for many years and during that time fought many heroic battles.

Their greatest battle was with the Ottoman Empire which later became known as the Great Siege of Malta. It is believed that following this epic battle, the knights' popularity spread all across Europe!

clip art maltese cross

maltese cross clip art

Other variations of the Maltese Cross ...

maltese cross clipart

maltese cross clip art

Other versions of the Maltese Cross, sometimes also referred to as the Iron Cross ...

maltese cross clipart

The gorgeous set of Maltese Cross Clip Art pictured above is available from DREAMSTIME.COM. This set of iron crosses is available in many sizes! You can also find other Maltese Cross Clip Art sets on the same website.


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