Shopping for a Maltese Cross Bracelet?

A Maltese Cross Bracelet makes for a unique gift for both men and women. Especially popular with men as a jewelry item, the Maltese Cross has long been a symbol of courage and heroism.

The Maltese Cross is largely associated with the Knights Hospitaller, who are also known as the Knights of Malta. They ruled over Malta, a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean for many years and their legacy on the island can still be felt to this day.

Due to its significance and noble meaning, the Maltese Cross today is represented in various jewelry items, such as pendants, earrings and of course, bracelets!

A variation of the original cross is also hugely popular with fire departments and fire fighters. (The cross that is usually used by fire fighters is still referred to as a Maltese Cross, but it's actually a St. Florian cross.) If you'd like more information on this type of cross, go to our Fire Department Maltese Cross section.

Our collection of Maltese Cross bracelets is going to be ready soon, so check this space again in a couple of weeks' time. Thank you for your patience!

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