So what’s the Malta weather like year round?

Warm most of the time. What’s not to like about Malta weather!!!

Located right in the centre of the Mediterranean, the Maltese islands boast terrific weather almost all year round.

The hottest months are July, August and September where temperature often rises over 30 Degrees Celsius (86.00 °F) , especially during the month of August.

A huge plus about the Malta weather is humidity. This does not usually waver from 70% year round and thus you can rest assured that you can wander around the islands in comfort, no matter what the temperature is like.

Typical of a Mediterranean climate, are the short spells of rain fall. Rain is generally experienced during the cooler winter months, namely in December, January and February. You can experience some occasional rain during Autumn too.

The Maltese islands have a daily average of five to six hours of sunshine in winter. In summer, it’s more than 12 solid hours of sun, sun and sun! Compared to most neighboring countries also with Mediterranean weather, Malta enjoys an all round much better climate. For example, the length of the dry season in summer is longer than that of Italy. What visitors find most alluring about the Malta weather is the fact that it is quite steady and weather forecasts are dependable most of the time. It’s a well known fact that a huge number of visitors come to the Maltese islands to escape the cold and rain at home.

Malta Weather Year Round: Month-By-Month

January is one of the coldest months in Malta. For more info on what the weather is like during this month, visit our January Weather Malta page.

If you're thinking of visiting Malta in February, then expect a mix of rainy and sunny days. Rainfall during this month is less than January though. For full weather details for this month, visit our February Weather Malta page.

The weather in March is just right for walking and sightseeing. Rainfall is much less and you can expect to have lots of bright sunny days. For more information on this month, visit our March Weather Info page.

April is a pleasant time to visit Malta. In fact, it's dubbed as one of the best months for exploring the Maltese islands. To get the full weather details on this month, visit our Weather in Malta in April page.

In May, it would still not "officially" be beach weather time yet but days start getting warmer and warmer. During this time of year, it's very pleasant to just wander around the island and savor its history and sights. For more information on the weather in May, visit our Maltese Weather May page.

June marks the official start of summer in Malta and temperatures usually rise rapidly. Days are not as hot as in July and August though. For full weather details on this month, visit the Weather in Malta in June page.

July offers fantastic beach weather. It can get a bit too hot for sightseeing at times. If you'd like to learn more about this month's weather, go to our Weather in Malta in July page.

August is the hottest month of the year. Subsequently, most beaches can get pretty crowded. If you're visiting Malta in August and you want more information and weather details on this month, visit our Maltese Weather August page.

September can be a very pleasant month to visit Malta. It's still usually perfect beach weather and also more comfortable for sightseeing. For more information on September weather, visit our Maltese Weather in September page.

October is known for having a few days of sometimes heavy rainfall. Not to worry though, because whenever it rains in Malta, it rarely ever lasts that long. It is not unheard of to see people swimming well into the winter months. The beach season can last until end October. For more information on how the weather is like in October, go to our Malta Weather in October page.

In November, you will most likely still get warm weather but get ready for some rainy and cooler days. For full details on what's the weather like during this time of year, visit the Weather in Malta in November page.

If you're thinking of visiting Malta during December, then have a look at our Weather in Malta at Christmas and December page for more details.

Whatever you plan to do while here, the weather in Malta will probably be one of your greatest allies in making your stay on the Maltese islands truly unforgettable.

Whether you’re here for the sightseeing and magnificent museums, to sunbath, swim or go diving in Malta, our warm Mediterranean climate and mild Malta weather will ensure that you get to do all that you’ve set out to do while visiting our enchanting islands.

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