Malta Vacations Accommodation Ideas

The variety of accommodation available for your Malta vacations, ensures that you can find just the perfect type of lodging that you're after and according to your budget. And whats more, you will find all the info that you need right here.

Malta Vacations Lodging: What to look out for

Choosing where to stay for your holidays in Malta should not be a stressful thing to do since many options are available.

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However, if you’re visiting during the peak Summer months, we recommend that you book in advance.

You will always find a place to stay in, but with just a little planning ahead you can secure that seaside hotel that you were after or that self catering apartment just opposite your favourite beach.

Over the years, the local hospitality industry has made sure that accommodation in Malta remains varied and competitive as much as possible. Visitors to the Maltese islands can choose from an abundance of options including hotels, apartments, self-catering, resorts, hostels, guesthouses and even camping.

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What would you say if we told you that you could stay on a quiet and picturesque island in your own villa? Sounds like heaven doesn't it? Gozo will offer you just that! And whats more, villas on this island are not as expensive as you might think. Choose from various beautiful villas in the remotest parts of the island. Visit our Gozo Villas page for more details.

If you'd rather have Malta as your base, you can always choose from the many Malta Holiday Villas, farmhouses and houses of character that the island offers. Visit our Villa Holidays in Malta page for more information, villa photos, rates, etc.

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You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation for your Malta vacations i.e. except if you’re staying for a few days on Comino island. There is only ONE hotel on this tiny island, home to the Blue Lagoon. So make sure to place your booking well in advance! The hotel is open from April until October and also rents out detached bungalows.

More information on hotels in Malta and Gozo can be found here and here. 

The popularity of learning English in Malta has soared over the past decade and thus a host of Hostels and Student Accommodation have mushroomed around the islands. These have been a pleasant and affordable addition to the types of accommodation in Malta. In fact, a lot of students are now integrating learning the English language with their Malta vacations. Thus, killing two birds with one stone - holidaying while studying!

English language schools can also arrange for students to be hosted with local families, in an effort to really “live” the Maltese culture while honing their English language skills. Practically everybody in Malta speaks English.

Would you like to camp while on your Malta vacations? No problem.

However, your choice here is extremely limited, since there are only a couple of official camping sites in Malta.

One is located at Dahlet ix-Xmajjar in Mellieha. Camping sites enthusiasts may find the facilities a bit limited but overall it’s good value for money. The campsite is fully enclosed and security is provided 24/7. 

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Another accommodation option for budget travelers are hostels. For more information on hostels in Malta and Gozo, visit our Malta Hostels for advice and tips on what to expect from hostels in Malta and Gozo.

We also recommend that before you choose your accommodation, you first decide on what attractions in Malta you'd like to visit and perhaps book accommodation that is nearby. While the Maltese islands are incredibly tiny, it's wise to stay right at the heart of what interests you most.

For example, if your main interest are the Malta beaches, why not book a seaside hotel so that you can practically dive into the crystal blue Mediterranean sea from your hotel room.

By doing this, you can enjoy the beach before and after you go to explore the rest of the island. Say, have a quick swim in the morning, then go to Valletta for a bit of sightseeing, back to the hotel for a siesta, afternoon swim, dine al fresco at one of the nearby restaurants and end the day relaxing and watching the sunset on the beach. Ah, perfect bliss. Can your Malta vacations get any better than this?!! :)

Want more info on the most popular tourist resort towns in Malta and Gozo? Check out our Resorts section here. 

A final note ...

If you want to make the most of your Malta vacations, think about what you'd like to see and do on the Maltese islands, plan ahead and book your accommodation early! That way you can secure just the right type of accommodation according to your interests and specific needs.

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