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Maybe you’ve got an interesting experience to share. Like Becca for example, who fell in love with scuba diving while on her vacation in Malta.

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My first dive ever was in Malta

Could be that while holidaying in Malta, you went to a specific event and had the time of your life! Like Neil for example, who went to the Malta Air Show and thoroughly loved it.

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The Malta Air Rally never fails to entertain

We’re sure that you’ve explored some of the fantastic beaches in Malta. Why not tell us which one was your favourite? If you have photos, so much better!

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Or perhaps while on your Malta vacations, you’ve come across something funny that made you think “Now THAT is something I’ve never seen before!” :) …

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Traveling is all about those magic moments that stay with you forever.

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A day I will never forget in Malta 
I've just returned from a fantastic holiday in Malta with my wife. My parents (both retired) traveled with us as well. To tell you the truth …

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We are a Ladies Choir from a small village in West Wales. We are touring Malta over the Easter Week and will be performing at St. Pauls Anglican …

Our favourite beach in Malta Not rated yet
First off I'd like to thank you for the great tips and advice you gave us, especially for highlighting the top attractions to visit in Malta, seeing …

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