Malta restaurants: A brief overview of what to expect …

The huge selection of Malta restaurants ensures that you will go back to your home country raving about how exquisite Mediterranean food is.

The pleasant Maltese climate has greatly favoured the dining scene in Malta. In fact, you can find countless of al fresco restaurants and cafés, many of them situated in atmospheric historic spots.

The island of Malta has a variety of restaurants to choose from that will suit any budget and preference.

French and Italian cuisine’s influence is felt in many of them, with others focusing more on traditional Maltese food.

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The choice in Gozo is a bit more limited and most restaurants seem to be located in the popular tourists spots.

The past decade or so, has seen a surge in East-West fusion cooking. You can rest assured that you will find almost any type of cuisine that you can think of here on the Maltese islands, ranging from Greek, Chinese, Indian, to French, Italian and Maltese to name a few.

Although you may be inclined to sample some Chinese or Indian, why not stick to the glorious Mediterranean food that is widely available on the Maltese islands?


You are after all exploring the very heart of the Mediterranean when you’re here in Malta!

And be sure not to forget to sample some traditional Maltese food while you’re here because leaving without indulging in some of the local delicacies would be tragic :)

Restaurants in Valletta

Looking for an exquisite Valletta restaurant?

The capital of Malta, Valletta has some of the island's finest restaurants. Some of them are “hidden” in narrow alleys and that only builds on the terrific atmosphere.

Valletta is also blessed with a variety of excellent cafes and wine bars.

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Then, simply take your pick!

Restaurants in Sliema

Sliema is an upmarket tourist resort and is adorned with countless restaurants and bars. In Sliema, you will find some of the best restaurants on the island.

But don't just take our word for it ...

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With the vast range of Malta restaurants that are scattered all across the islands, you can rest assured that you’ll never go hungry while visiting the Maltese islands.

That is definitely not the Maltese way of doing things! :)

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