Malta Real Estate

Your chance to live on this side of paradise!

The Malta real estate industry has something for everyone, no matter what your budget looks like!

Do you dream of retiring or relocating one day on a sunny Mediterranean island and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing Mediterranean lifestyle?

An island where you can savor the rich history and culture without having to travel endless miles for it?

Your search is over. Welcome to the Maltese islands!

malta real estate

Beautiful medieval limestone balcony in Mdina - the old capital city of Malta

Malta Real Estate: So why Malta?

Well for starters, if you speak English, you don’t have to fret about learning a new language. Everybody speaks English in Malta. So that is one hurdle done away with.

Would you like to live in a place where you can enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year? Yes?

Well then, Malta and Gozo can offer you that and much more.

How about excellent medical service, political stability, a very low crime rate and favourable tax conditions?

malta houes of character

You’re probably thinking why you haven’t thought of relocating to the Maltese islands before, aren’t you?

Some restrictions do exist though.

This is to protect the local market and sellers.

These restrictions are not there to make buying property in Malta a stressful and cumbersome experience though.

In fact, the Maltese government encourages the purchase of Malta property among foreigners.

For more information on the procedures that need to be undertaken when buying property in Malta, visit our Buying Property in Malta & Gozo: Procedures page.

Should you decide to relocate or retire on the Maltese islands, there is a vast range of property for sale in Malta. Choose between fabulous villas, terraced houses, farmhouses, luxurious apartments and much more.

malta town houses

Traditional town houses in the beautiful old city of Vittoriosa

If you're interested in learning more about the various types of property that are available on the Maltese islands, visit our Property in Malta page.

If living a European lifestyle, while enjoying the clear blue Mediterranean waters sounds like heaven to you, then Malta is just the place for you.

Over the years, thousands of foreigners have relocated to the beautiful Maltese Islands. So if this is something that you've been pondering for years, perhaps it's time to seriously start planning things ... because you know what they say, we only live once!

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