The Winner

Congratulations Kat from Ontario, Canada!

Your story Home Is Where The Heart Is got the most comments (a total of 107 comments) and therefore, you are the WINNER of our first “I love Malta” Contest!

*** Home is Where The Heart Is ****

An email was sent to Kat informing her that she won the contest. The contest prize was 250 Euros in CASH. Kat had a choice to either receive the amount in EURO or have it converted to the currency of her choice. The prize was sent via PAYPAL. Quick, secure and easy!

Read on for a quick overview on the contest and also to get to know the total number of comments that the other finalist stories received ...

How the contest unfolded ...

Our main goal with our first contest was to find out what visitors loved most about Malta. We wanted future visitors to the islands to discover through stories from other travellers just like them, the reasons why Malta is such a unique country!

The contest was a huge success.

A big thank you goes to all participants! :)

In total, we received 25 eligible entries. (Sadly, we've also had to reject 9 entries because they didn't meet the contest requirements.)

Each week we received genuine, heartfelt stories that showed just how much you truly loved the Maltese Islands!

Some focused on providing a detailed itinerary of what they did while on their Malta holidays, others focused on a particular aspect from their vacation that stuck in their minds and hearts. Some described in detail how special the Maltese people are, while others reminisced about the unique characteristics of the typical Maltese lifestyle ...

The contest was generic and so, contestants could talk about everything and anything relating to the Maltese Islands.

Your stories were absolutely wonderful! Thank you all for capturing the essence of Malta so beautifully!

As the days passed, we quickly realized that choosing the 5 TOP FINALIST STORIES was not going to be easy. In fact, we knew that it was going to be really hard!

You really surprised us with the quality of the stories that you sent in! We never expected to receive such an extensive amount of stories, that were so well-written and all highlighting so brilliantly your passion and love for Malta. Anyone who's read some of the stories that we received know exactly what we mean!

But, we HAD to choose.

The 5 Finalists were ...

“My Malta Experience” - Neil

“3 Generations Of Our Family Visited Malta! - Incilay

“My Own Personal Knight of Malta” - Jane

“Home Is Where The Heart Is” - Kat

“The Time Of Our Lives” - David

It was then time for our website visitors to vote for their favourite story and take us to the WINNER of the contest!

Voting was quick and easy and all people had to do was click on each title above, read the stories and post a short comment on their favourite one. No email was required. The story that got the most comments would be the winner of 250 Euros in Cash!

Since this was a contest we needed to keep things fair. So only 1 comment per IP address was allowed for each story. Additional comments coming from the same IP address or duplicate comments were deleted.

Voting ended on Tuesday, July 26 2011 at 11.59am (Malta Time).

Here are the final results for the 5 finalist stories:-

1) My Malta Experience by Neil

Total number of comments received: 1

2) Three Generations of Our Family Visited Malta! by Incilay

Total number of comments received: 7

3) My Own Personal Knight of Malta by Jane

Total number of comments received: 41

4) Home Is Where The Heart Is by Kat

Total number of comments received: 107 *** WINNER ***

5) The Time of Our Lives by David

Total number of comments received: 96



Stay tuned for our 2012 contests! :)

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