Malta Beaches: Gnejna Bay

One of the quieter beaches in Malta

If you want to sample the creme de la creme of Malta beaches, then it's best if you stay in the Northern part of the island. That way you can have quick and easy access to some of the best beaches you'll come across in the Mediterranean!

malta beaches gnejna bay

Gnejna Bay lies on the North West coast of Malta, limits of Mgarr. Orange coloured sand and crystal clear waters are the order of the day here. The bay also has some nice snorkeling opportunities.

Separated from Ghajn Tuffieha Bay by a small rocky headland, the beach is situated at the end of a lush valley. Gnejna Bay is the perfect beach to spend a couple of hours lazying in the sun and bathing in unspoilt waters. The bay is usually not overly crowded, perhaps due to the fact that there is not a direct bus route to Gnejna Bay.

If sand is not your thing, on the right side of the main beach, you can find a large stretch of flat rock that is ideal for sunbathing and for taking a dip into the deep mesmerizing blue water. If you walk further right, to some of the remoter parts of the bay, you will get to another small beach and a rocky platform. This area is usually frequented by nudists. (It is to be noted that Nudism is illegal in Malta, but the authorities seem to close an eye in this case).

A seventeenth century coastal defense tower that was built in 1637 by the Knights of Malta, can be seen from the bay. Although a bit limited as regards to facilities, there is a kiosk on the beach that sells drinks and snacks, plus watersports equipment is available for rent as well. 

Getting there

No direct public transport to Gnejna Bay is available. The nearest bus stop is at Mgarr, a nearby tiny village. Go to to determine which is the best bus route/s to take, according to your departing location.

If you’re into cycling, why not cycle your way through the valley from Mgarr? You will be rewarded with some spectacular scenery, so the journey will surely be at the top of your most rewarding moments from your holidays in Malta. Plus you get see the "quieter" aspect of Malta beaches. If you’re going by car, it’s a clearly signposted drive from Mgarr and there’s a car park backing on to the sand.

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